Garden of Time and Space

We all know that a flower garden is where flowers are grown for decorative purposes. What if the flower garden , turns to a garden of time and space, when you can travel back to your past and you can journey your future. Would you able to change your destiny? or Change the others destiny ? Are you ready to sacrifice your present to change your past ?Are you willing to change the journey of  the world or your life?




I am your Guardian Angel

It was the 19th day of September of the year 2016

When my black and white story started to be filled with colors

From a simple concern to a stranger

I never knew that it would lead to a deeper connection

I witnessed your pain as well as your happy thoughts

The way you smile never failed to amaze me

When I see you hurting, my heart breaks

Somehow, I feel we have this strong bond inside of us.

No words of gratitude can express

How thankful I am to have you

No adjective can describe

How much you made my everyday better than it was before.

The assurance that you are always happy

Serves as the contentment of my heart

Please do take care of yourself all the time

I can’t bear to see your face not wearing that amazing smile.

17th day of the eleventh month of the same year

Finally, the guardian was able to meet his only angel

Without an angel, the guardian won’t be able to know what he is fighting for

Together, these two are the guardian angels of each other.

Maybe, I will stop writing this poem

But just trust me, this thing that was built up unexpectedly

Expect that this would last a lifetime

With God, we will always stay for each other.



A Dreamer of this Era

 I am a simple man, who dream a lot. Dream,that I know,someday  I’m gonna obtain it and I want to  share it to the people who forget that they have a dream in their life . I want to ignite the fire in their dream to illuminate there mind and heart to  don’t stop believing in themselves and to don’t stop dreaming for their future self. And also to uplift their confident and  ego to face their predicament or dilemma in their life.

 As a dreamer I want to implement in my mind and in my heart to become a goal oriented and positive self- starter. Because someday I’m gonna be the big thing in this era. Era that full of inconsistency , bias , discrimination , corruption , and prejudice that makes other faith down. I want to eradicate and to right the unacceptable things that already happening in our epoch.

With my heart, mind, skills and vision I want to convince the other dreamer to grasp their torch of dream to amalgamate it , to form or generate a huge fire to melt the other frozen heart and to enlightenment their erroneous path and to illuminate and lucid their imperfect action and to restore their true fire in their heart and also build a extraordinary relationship to others. Because a tip-top fire can  change the misdoing of others. I know that one dream can prolong the fire in our heart .