There are many people who living in this world. World that has a divergent personalities , standard of living , attitude , educational attainment , skills and abilities , job description , way of reasoning and many other aspects. I know that everyone in this world has a uniqueness in their own.

As for me, I am 18 years old, who have a dream for myself and for my beloved family. Family that builds me who I am right now. I came from an ordinary family but the most important thing in our life is the moral values, that we applied and respect each others space and values.  I am a dreamer and modern progressive thinker. I believe in success through hardworking and dedication. I perceive life, when you achieve something  that you work hard. I’m responsible and sympathetic person and goal oriented and positive self- starter.

I’m a certified scout, writer ,photojournalist, film writer , scriptwriter and also I’m taking a Bachelor of Advertising and Public Relation at Polytechnic University of the Philippines. As a journalist and media practitioner , the power that given to us is to build and to destroy the image and also a builds mutually beneficial relationship between organization and their public. When the time has come, I’m going to construct a magnificent television commercials, films, short films and stories that touch the heart of everyone.

I created this blog to express my thoughts , feelings , opinions and also to show, to the whole world who the real I am. And to expose my purpose of living.

I am a dreamer of this era. I want everyone to see the light and feel the heat of  fire here in my heart.