Donald Trump

If Trump is true to his words, then he’d eject excessive US interventionism from the Middle East, and recalibrate U.S. effort towards homeward development and priority global regions. He should work hard to maintain good and amicable relations with European partners in the EU and encourage fellow NATO members to spend more on their defense to meet NATO minimum threshold. Furthermore, Trump should, despite of his anti-immigrant rhetoric, maintain and mend ties with Latin American countries. Asia-Pacific should get big allocation of national attention as it is the growth engine of the world, thus Pres. Trump should bolster American cooperation in prospectively opportune states critical to the rebalance strategy such as Vietnam, while strengthening existing good relations with South Korea and Japan.

Somehow I’m really tempted to believe that Donald Trump won’t last in the White House. There’s like a roller coaster spiraling inside my mind and keeps on manufacturing mental images of an “unpresidented” political downfall. Unlike the Philippines, the United States has a firmer democratic base which can definitely irk any presidency. The stringent constitutionalists will also not let their safeguards down, and continue to contain the government in a pressure cooker.

The Obama administration has imposed sweeping ban on offshore drilling in vast swaths of the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. It’s designed to prevent future attempts to undermine the marine ecology of the two maritime regions, and implicitly a stratagem to stymie President-elect Trump’s energy agenda which includes offshore drilling projects. These executive moves by Pres. Obama will be only up for review after 5 years, it’s highly likely Donald Trump won’t be able to undermine them unless he wants to find himself facing up charges. This should reinvigorate communities to continue to advocate for cleaner energy and safer environment for all. Thanks Obama!

Trump supporters want to increase federal spending. Donald Trump’s “penny plan” is likely to slash federal spending for a decade if lawmakers will have the resolve to keep it for such a term.

The plan is actually more targeted than prior plans as it will exempt military expenditures and mandatory spending such as entitlements, withal it’ll only touch discretionary spending wherein there are already spending caps put in place. It’ll likely cap federal spending as a percentage of the economy at 18%. However, a projected budget surplus will only lead to renewed interest in spending after few years of implementing the plan, therefore deviating away from the stringently fiscal conservative position that many in the House Freedom Caucus espouse for the Trump administration.

Donald Trump needs to adopt a “Modi strategy” over the infamous One China policy. Washington, by reviewing New Delhi’s steps to not upset Beijing, can strengthen its game against Chinese predominance over the strategic ambiguity in East Asia. India’s been welcoming Taiwanese officials for years, and even Tibet figures like the Dalai Lama, and it is using these as a means for China to tone down its assertions in Arunachal Pradesh and Pakistan-India relations. India’s actions have so far not received significant political, security, and economic backlash from Beijing. Modi’s stratagem’s obviously a subtle approach on the nuances of the One China policy which he is using to maximize New Delhi’s strategic advantages. Donald Trump, therefore, needs to sweep things under a strategic rug if he wants to maintain stability in Asia-Pacific.








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