A Dreamer of this Era

 I am a simple man, who dream a lot. Dream,that I know,someday  I’m gonna obtain it and I want to  share it to the people who forget that they have a dream in their life . I want to ignite the fire in their dream to illuminate there mind and heart to  don’t stop believing in themselves and to don’t stop dreaming for their future self. And also to uplift their confident and  ego to face their predicament or dilemma in their life.

 As a dreamer I want to implement in my mind and in my heart to become a goal oriented and positive self- starter. Because someday I’m gonna be the big thing in this era. Era that full of inconsistency , bias , discrimination , corruption , and prejudice that makes other faith down. I want to eradicate and to right the unacceptable things that already happening in our epoch.

With my heart, mind, skills and vision I want to convince the other dreamer to grasp their torch of dream to amalgamate it , to form or generate a huge fire to melt the other frozen heart and to enlightenment their erroneous path and to illuminate and lucid their imperfect action and to restore their true fire in their heart and also build a extraordinary relationship to others. Because a tip-top fire can  change the misdoing of others. I know that one dream can prolong the fire in our heart .



PUP’s Top 3 Foods


PUP Manila known for excelling students and professors, giving quality education for years is not just good with it but also fond of promoting and experimenting food that will surely love by everyone.


Here’s the Top 3 you need to try:


  1. FEWA (Foot long in Egg Wrapped Around) – FEWA was originated in PUP, FEWA made in sandwich consist of scrambled egg wrapping a footlong, vegetables (especially  cabbage for filling) and cheese spicing flavor. FEWA become more popular because of Virgin. She was the best known seller of FEWA in the whole university, her unique sales talk can attract the students and Professor to buy the irresistible FEWA for just P40.00 you can buy the half of it for just P26.00. Varieties of FEWA were found on several colleges of the University.  Give the right taste for your budget.


  1. Street foods in Teresa – Every student in PUP know about Teresa Street. It gives a satisfy to the student to fill up their empty stomach every morning and in the afternoon. It consist a variety of street food like fish balls, kwek-kwek , smalls cuts of hotdogs, kikiam, Isaw isaw , and the most favorite of all the kalamares and their undying sauce. Many students would dig through refreshments that provides of Teresa Street it have a lots of different drinks like buko juice, calamansi juice, orange juice and so many others.  It also has native delicacies that make other happy.  Every student in PUP Teresa Street is part of their life and witness their hardwork every day.
  1. Burger Steak – If your budget is not enough but you want to eat a delicious lunch, burger steak is fit for you for only P20.00 you will eat a 2 patties with rice in the cup.  It is the best food to escape the ferocious hunger if you’re out of budget or you want savings.  Burger steak releases its unique taste with their special sauce that makes you smile and your tummy satisfied. This food is fit for the Iskolar ng Bayan.


5 Basic tips in choosing your life course

With this modern era there’s a thousand of options comes to your mind, and how will you pick a career that’s right for you?  Choosing a career choice is one of the hardest decisions that can change of your life. Choosing the right perfect job/career isn’t easy for everyone.  Many people don’t put enough effort into choosing occupations because they don’t really know themselves sometimes they choose a career because of the money, remember you should follow your passion and not the money.  You need to be smart when you are taking the decision about your career it is because it will dictate who you are in the future.

Here a tips in choosing your life course:

  1. Know yourself and Personal Interest –  In choosing a right career, you must assess yourself. You must know your deep values, what the things you like, and your personality even though your skill that makes you standout. Your personal interest can lead you what kind of course that fit to you. Remember, do what makes you happy and you can benefit.


  1. Family Financial Status – Make sure that your family has enough money to support you while you’re studying in the course that you pick. Money is one of the important while you are studying, because you can use it to buy some stuff that you need in your school but, the more important is the education that will give you an opportunity to discover what your passion is.


  1. Listen to your heart – Mostly the students can’t decide on their own because of the people or technology that influences their decision making. Deciding on your own has a great factor to choose the career path that you want.  You can listen to other but don’t forget to listen in your heart.


  1. Analyze your skills – Everyone one has a unique talent, identify what yours is, identify what is your strength and weakness in that case you can improve or enhance your skills and become more competitive in your chosen course. Remember “Skills are freedom get skilled up’ – Pat Falvey


  1. Seminars and Training – Attending seminars or career orientation can help you to become aware of your skills. It helps you determining your true potential: There are students who are clear as to what they want to become. On the other hand, there are others who are either confused or have no idea about their career preferences. Be sure to choose a training program that is within your means to achieve to avoid setting yourself up for failure.



“A very good career choice would be to gravitate toward those activities and to embrace those desires that harmonize with your core intentions, which are freedom and growth—and joy. Make a “career” of living a happy life rather than trying to find work that will produce enough income that you can do things with your money that will then make you happy. When feeling happy is of paramount importance to you—and what you do “for a living” makes you happy—you have found the best of all combinations.”  ~Abraham




My Unique Selling Point

IMG_3242Hello ! My name is Joemar C. Perlora, sometimes they call me Joe, Joemar, or Jojo. I was born in July 27, 1998 and I’m so blessed that I successfully reached my 19th year of existence last year. I am from San Jose Del Monte, a precious town in Bulacan and I have lived there almost half of my life, with my friends and relatives creating many unforgettable memories and keeping it in our hearts.

When I was a high school student, I was active in participating in multiple extracurricular activities. I was a part of Boy Scout of the Philippines for 5 years and gained the rank of Pathfinder, and was also fortunate to travel in different mountains and places to compete and to show fellowship to other people. The soul of scouting changed me a lot. I’ve become mentally strong, helping me to acquire the character traits to become the best I can be. I embodied the scout oath and law that helped me to have the elements of effective leadership and precious relationship with my friends , family , community and our beloved God.

One day, I realized that I want something new that can motivate me every day of my life. So, I decided to join in our school paper when I was in high school. I become a photojournalist for a year and shifted into feature writing category and luckily won in different competitions held inside and outside the school. For me, it doesn’t matter how many you lose or win, what matter is the friendship you’ve gained and the lessons you’ve learned, because of that you will grow better in your life.

And now, I am an active journalist in the Polytechnic University of the Philippines and taking Bachelor of Advertising and Public Relations. I attended a lot of seminars and workshops that fitted my interests and passion. Being a writer in The Observer, the official publication of our University, and writing arm of PUPCreaTv, has given me the best training for me to prepare to wield the fierce industry. I’ve embraced the uncertainty fearlessly for me to become true and honest in my writing. I have an excellent manner in communication and possess analytical skills. My writing style reflects my life experiences. Furthermore, I can say that I love deadlines.

I am writing this to convey my strong interest in WIM (When In Manila). I am determined in joining in the team, applying my creativity, and focusing in the company. I trust that my academic standing and trainings prepared me perfectly. As a student, I had the opportunity to assimilate a number of my valuable skills such as interpersonal skills, Copy Editing, Journalistic Writing, and Handling Objections that will undoubtedly contribute to my success in this role. I can say that I am fit in WIM because of my dedication in my passion, I am consistent in producing fresh ideas and visual concepts that can help WIM continue glowing in the top. I believe that I was born because of three reasons: first, because of my limitless imagination, because of my purpose to mobilize people through my work, and lastly I was born to work in WIM.

Inside Happiness


I always wanted the life outside, experiencing the heart-felt laughter at silly antics, reading stories, making friends, walking to the land, feel the fresh air and so many things that I didn’t experience yet. Because my body was soft with a tiny head matted with sheen of hair. My tiny body with a tiny heart that pulsated in time. My bone and muscles wasn’t strong enough to support and to protect me outside, because my body wasn’t fully developed yet. I always active, I always move my hand to touch my skin, lips and cheeks because I am curious what I am look like. This is my fingers and ohh! … Here’s my thumb which I sucked when I am afraid.  Only his voice makes me calm and feels safety.

At weekends he loves to play and talk with me the whole day. He always taught me good moral values, because he doesn’t want me to see someday a child as a burden than a joy. And he explained that he don’t want spoiling me by buying luxury things that I wanted someday. And every night, he tells a lot of stories to me like the Rabbit’s Eyes, The Great White Bear and the Trolls and In Search Of a Baby. I have a plenty laughed, excitement and moral lesson learned when he tells an every single story and also his experiences every day. He wants me to have a preview outside life’s experiences, dilemmas and hardships. Because he believes that stories can educate me, and inspire me, to a build rapport. He is a funny, cool, adventurous and smart human being. That’s why I love him so much.

Every morning, he is exceptionally watchful with respect to what I eat. He generally demands me to eat a healthy fruits and vegetables, which are rich in vitamins and minerals in order to grow my body healthy and strong. He extremely loves me. I generally appreciate investing energy with him and learn new things with him. He is the most precious gift of God to me.He wants me to become a good human being like him. That is why he always teaches me to differentiate between what is right and wrong.

When I am ready to face the world outside, I want him to become my best friend too, that I can discuss everything with him without any doubt. Things that I fail, things that I achieve. I want it to easily discuss to him. He is a kindest man, he understands anyone, he never gives up, he always concerned to my future, he always give time and extensively effort to express his responsibility even though how tough it is, he’s always at our side no matter what happen, and he doesn’t care how much he spends on me but all cares is me, being happy inside.

I thank God for every day for giving me such a loving and caring father.  Even though I am not born in the world that I wanted, and even though I can’t see him, touch him, making conversation to him, bonding with him and so much things. I am thankful and bless that I met him. I’m going to miss everything about you father. I love you.

Garden of Time and Space

We all know that a flower garden is where flowers are grown for decorative purposes. What if the flower garden , turns to a garden of time and space, when you can travel back to your past and you can journey your future. Would you able to change your destiny? or Change the others destiny ? Are you ready to sacrifice your present to change your past ?Are you willing to change the journey of  the world or your life?



Nighttime Visitor


It was 12:00 ante meridiem of midnight , when I was still  continuing my extensive review for the final examination, because as a honor student I want to proliferate my rank in the class. So, that time I perceive that my mind was very weary cause of overload information that I read, memorized and analyzed. I checked the time, it was 3:00 am, the time that some people considered that it is the spirit’s time to communicate with us, the other think it’s a devil’s speck or mark . Some even think that when you wake up at this time, someone is watching you. For me it doesn’t matter , it’s just a time.

Before I sleep I always  turn off the light in my room,and I feel, something bizarre that time, and I decided to  ignore it.                                                                                                                When I fell asleep…..

I’m walking  to the unfamiliar street and I saw my cousin playing with unknown man , the man was tall and blurred face and he garb a black cloak , he wave his hand to me and I say “Hi” and then, there’s a weird but a adorable child girl who hold my right hand and she’s crying , I ask her what happen but she didn’t answered to my question. I look back to the tall man who wear a black cloak but he’s gone speedily including my cousin and I feel seriously terrified, and then, when I’m going to entertain the adorable child girl,I was fucking shock because her face was strangely change like a murdered child.Her eyes was blank same with her mouth and her tears turns to blood, her finger nails was bleeding same with his head and she shriek and said (while crying)”I need help!

Because of my trepidation , I left the girl and I run rapidly away from her, but it’s hard to me to run, I feel heavy and it’s like that the gravity diminish. And I try to run the fast that I can, in order to escape from the little girl .                                                                                                          I slowly stop running ,when I saw our house between in the two aged and forsaken houses . I wondered why our house is in there and I think there’s something wrong that’s happening that time . Because I’m curious , I sedate entering to our house but when I look to the window, I saw a unfamiliar old woman that I ‘ve never seen before, wearing a weird wedding gown , I didn’t see her face because she’s suddenly disappeared and that’s definitely unnatural.My body full of  nervous ,when I’m looking around inside the house. house that the ambiance I’ve never perceive. I feel it’s not our home  and I feel there’s something living there before us.

And afterwards, I hear something whispering in the kitchen, and when I arrive, I scared   because there’s a hole that connected to the two aged abandoned house, and accidentally I saw a old woman who wearing a black dress and veil when I called her , she is slowly turning her face to me and I saw her eyes was dark and blank same with her mouth she look like a nun . I attempted to run but I can’t move because of my fear. She is walking toward to me and trying to take me , I scream as loud as I can, but there’s no voices coming out. I try it again even though it’s not working , her face was very close to me and then she open her mouth and scream .

When my uncle enter to my room and he want to check me , he unexpectedly saw a black cloak shadow beside in my bed and staring at me. and suddenly he heard that I’m growling and crying, he quickly woke up me ,and he slap my face three times to just woke up. When I wake up , in just a second I realized that it just a bad dream and then I cried , because I thought it was all true . My uncle advice to me to pray sincerely before I go to sleep again .

Since I experienced that fucking nightmare, I’m always afraid to sleep. Every time I close my eyes, I  always remember the face of the  woman who want to grab me and I don’t want to go the place that full of dark and most of the time , I don’t wanna be alone.

And then one night , I accidentally nap in the living room . I know to myself that I’m dreaming and when I’m in there, I plan to ask a woman, why she always show up to me while I’m  in the sleeping process,  I experience a tightness of my stomach when I’m asking her and I’m so afraid because, when I did that, I can’t breathe properly and I can’t move my body, the worst is,  I can’t wake up. I feel my body was paralyze . I want to touch my brother who watching a movie but I said while a ago I can’t move my body. I shouted even though it doesn’t work, I’m bless because my brother heard that I’m growling and then I cried again when I got woke up.

I go to the kitchen and get some water, when I’m going to drink the a glass of water, I saw the reflection of cloak figure shadow in my drinking glass. And I drop the glass and I run to my room and pray sincerely. Seriously, I don’t know what’s happening to me and I have no idea, so what are shadow people and where do they come from? and then why there showing up to me and also to my dream. It’s that my illusion or it’s that demons work . I don’t know, what I’m going to do. I feel terrible and hopeless.

This rare routine always happening and sometimes it’s just a normal incident for me. For now , only I can do is to connect again to our God, to build a new strong relationship with him and to let live his spirit again to me. I think only God, help me.


Top 10 Reasons Why The Philippines Remains a Third World Country

1. The Philippines was once a Colony of Spain.

2 . The Philippines Lacks in Advanced Infrastructure
3. The Philippines is Developing Economy.


4. The Philippines has Low Quality of Life .
5. The Philippines suffers from Political instability such as Insurgency.
6. The Philippines has High Rates of Poverty Incidence.


7. The Philippines has Overpopulation


8. The Philippines Suffers from low level of Sanitation.
9. The Philippines generally doesn’t have access to Quality Health Care .


10.The Philippines is still a Low Income Country.
Note : Pictures wasn’t mine.